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First Russian Internet Governance Forum

May 13-14, 2010, Moscow

“Promoting the concept of multistakeholderism and international cooperation for further Internet development”

We, the participants at the First Russian Internet Governance Forum held May 13-14, 2010 in Moscow,

Recalling that good Internet governance practice is critical for sustainable ICT development ;

Recalling that the Global Internet Forum has opened a nonpareil opportunity for promoting  a fundamentally  new approach to Internet development  and its critical aspects such as Access, Security, Critical Internet Resources and Openness;

Recalling that the rise of the new generation of Country Code Top Level Domains that operate national languages and scripts opens up a new stage in the Internet history,

Emphasizing the retention of the Internet as a public integrated network for the entire world,

Have agreed:

  1. That the Forum participants and the organizations and nations they reptresent  should strive to create an environment that favors a multistakeholder model dealing with critical issues that are challenging the Internet development both in Russia and worldwide.

  2. That bridging the digital divide and ensuring affordable access should form the priority for countries and regulators in the region in order to improve Internet usage as a major tool and enabler of socio-economic development.
  3. That access and security have become key concerns for Russia and other nations and that they must be further debated at such international venues as IGF where different constituencies and stakeholders can share their experiences where peer countries can capitalize on each other’s experiences and adapt those to their local environment.

  4. That the Global IGF has been instrumental to creation of an open environment where major issues, including multistakeholderism, have been discussed and that the Global IGF has set a fundamentally new model of interaction and cooperation between major actors engaged in processes of Internet development. The regional fora enable efficient discussion between the Internet community, businessmen and government locally as well as the consolidation of respective proposals at IGF globally.

and Urge Major Stakeholders :

To take a pro-active approach to the Global IGF to be held in Vilnius;

To ensure their contribution to the ICANN’s Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees, which is particularly critical for the governments with the GAC so that they can fully engage themselves in decision making on global name assigning and standards;

To participate in such international institutions as ITU and ISOC, including their projects on Internet development and standardization as well as UNESCO projects for extended Internet‑based cooperation in education, science and culture;

To raise awareness of the IGF issues in general and, particularly, Russia priorities, as well as pool efforts  with regional and international partners and actors, including governments, regulators, academia, civil society, private sector, and technical community, in boosting Internet resource management capacities, and;

To train, educate and actively engage experts in Internet Governance, in the activities associated with the country and  region’s contribution to the global Internet policy decision-making process;

With introduction of the IDN worldwide to urge national regulatory bodies and respective ccTLDs about necessity of keeping the uniform script as anchor, for tagging domain contact data to ensure security and WHOIS service compatibility.


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