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Tattu Mambatalieva, Director, Public Foundation “GIIP”

The Role of the Internet in Social Processes

Spurred by information and globalization, the modern lifestyle dictates rules of the game, which have become critical for a citizen and institutions. While the Internet has emerged as one of the most popular mediums, Kyrgystan is no exception in this regard.  
The internet in our country has discontinued being an arena for entertainment. Rather it has become a battlefield for groups of interests seeking public opinion. As well, it has become an efficient instrument of socialization.  That said, the process of the technological (from the social perspective) development of the Internet by the local community is slow. This can be ascribed to objective reasons, such as the traditional societal structure, prevalence of traditional information diffusion channels, etc., on the one hand, and to infrastructural constraints, on the other.  

Notwithstanding the above, today Kyrgystan witnesses positive developments, including the apprehension of the Internet’s role as one of the most efficient instruments of social mobilization and holding civil information campaigns.

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