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Chuck Gomes, Chairman of the GNSO Council, Vice President of Policy and Compliance for VeriSign Information Services

The Why & How of IDN Generic Domain Names

This presentation will focus primarily on two key questions: 1) Why should there be IDN generic domain names and 2) how is IDN policy developed in the ICANN Generic Names Supporting Organization.  It will include a snapshot of IDN history in the generic name space and will give a preview of what’s up next with regard to generic IDN gTLDs.

  1. Why IDNs?
    1. General question
    2. Why IDNs for generic names?
  2. IDNs as a global issue
    1. IDNs are not a ccNSO issue or a GNSO issue.
    2. IDNs are a user issue.
    3. From the start, IDN policy work in ICANN has been handled as a cross SO issue.
    4. Broader ICANN community focus instead of just an SO focus.
  3. Snapshot of IDN history in the gTLD space
    1. VeriSign second-level IDN test bed for .com, .net and .org – Nov. 2000
    2. IDNA standards for 2nd level domain names
    3. ICANN IDN Guidelines version 1
    4. IDN WG (illustration of how GNSO policy development happens)
    5. New gTLD Process
    6. JIG
  4. What’s next?
  5. Conclusion: User focus

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