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Rod Beckstrom, CEO and President, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

The Future of ICANN: Toward a Global Internet

ICANN President and Chief Executive Officer Rod Beckstrom will tell the Russian Internet Governance Forum that Russia is emerging as an important player in the global Internet community.  He will cite Russia’s work with ICANN to bring Cyrillic to the country code top-level domain portion of Internet address names, which he said will help increase the number of Russian Internet users.  He will relate how Russia’s decision to join ICANN’s Government Advisory Committee is further evidence of the nation’s Internet leaders and organizations have been at the forefront of helping ICANN to globalize the Internet, ranging from the work of the Russian  Ministry of Telecom and Mass Media to the work of the Russian National Security Council to collaboratively work with other global entities to deal with Internet security threats.  Beckstrom will commend the work of the Russian government to increase the availability of the Internet throughout the Russian Federation and he will cite the work of prominent Russians to help advance ICANN’s vision of ‘One world. One Internet. Everyone Connected.”

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